High-Speed Rail in the USA

May 27, 2011

For millions of Americans, high-speed rail is a growing reality.  Amtrak's profitable Acela is moving up and down the eastern seaboard at speeds exceeding 100 mph in some areas, and efforts are underway to make the route even faster.  For millions more Americans, high-speed rail is becoming reality.  In California, work is starting on a high-speed rail line connecting SoCal with NorCal, a thought unheard of for many-a Californian.  Additional efforts are underway in Chicago and the Midwest, Texas and south central United States and New England the Upstate New York.

Taken together, 300 million Americans are poised to benefit from the fast, efficient and comfortable service of high-speed rail. Click through the pages that follow to learn more about the benefits of high-speed and intercity passenger rail bring to the USA.